How to Rinse: Place rice in a bowl; fill with water until it covers the rice completely. Stir the rice lightly around with one hand. Pour out the water, which will have turned cloudy. Repeat until the water runs clear.

Pre-Soak (Very Important): Drain the rice by placing it into a colander and let sit for 30 minutes. This is makes the rice much more plump and succulent. If you have a “Pre-Soak” option on your cooker, set the timer at 30 minutes. The rice will start cooking in half an hour.

Post-Cooking: Leave the rice in the cooker for 10 minutes after it has been cooked, so that it can settle. After 10 minutes, open the lid and gently fluff the rice with your shamoji (paddle) before serving.

Eco points: The water from rinsing the rice is beneficial for a facial wash (said to tighten your pores and make your skin softer) or hair rinse (said to condition and strengthen the hair). It can also be used to water plants (gardeners swear that plants grow bigger and stronger).

Joint Farm - Ohgon no Kagayaki - Kagayaki 5kg

  • かがやき Kagayaki japonica white rice from Niigata, Japan.


    This cultivar is famed for its large grain, fine texture and slight stickiness. This rice after cooking has little change in texture in relation to temperature. As a result, it does not harden as much as some other rice cultivars even when cold. Eaten hot from the pot, made into rice balls or put into lunch box, Kagayaki rice will impress you with its taste and versatility.

  • All rice sold has been harvested within the year. Should you receive any rice that is older than a year, we would gladly exchange or refund the cost.